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Pure Comb honey

Honey plastic squeeze honey bears (12oz)

Honey 500g 

Honey 1kg

Large honey containers 5kg & 15kg

Pure beeswax rolled candles (burns from 6 to 8 hours)

(Beeswax burns clean so it is not allergenic)

Pure beeswax poured candles (burns 1 hour for every half inch)


(Pollen is known as a whole food, it contains proteins minerals and vitamins. It is missing only one vitamin to sustain life - vitamin K)

Pure beeswax 1lb

Raw Propolis

(Propolis has phenomenal health benefits cannot be reproduced into a pill. Propolis is made from tree resins mixed with bee enzymes.)

Bee Venom

(It has been used since ancient times to treat arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, skin diseases and in this modern age as an alternative therapy to treat multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. Bee venom comes from the stingers of honey bees who use it in defense of the bee colony.)

Fresh Royal Jelly

$500 per ounce. I only make this to order this Royal Jelly is a seasonal product eg June and July.

Fresh (refrigerated and less than 3 days old)

Fresh Frozen (directly put into cooler and frozen within 2 hours) Under exceptional conditions and copious feeding it'll take around 25 hours to collect one ounce of Royal Jelly from the strongest beehives that will have a minimum of 40,000 bees in one hive, one beehive in one year is capable of producing one ounce of Royal Jelly. This will give you some idea why it is hard to produce, the magical qualities is in its freshness. The Royal Jelly is what metamorphosis larva into queen bee.

Royal Jelly



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Bee Venom

Bee sting treatment

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