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The Cell Phone Connection: Are EMFs Causing Bee Colonies to Collapse?
It's also hard to ignore research that points to cell phones and electromagnetic fields (EMF) as major threats to the bee population.  Researchers have discovered that when a cellular phone is placed near a hive, the radiation generated by it (900-1,800 MHz) is enough to prevent bees from returning to them, according to a study conducted at Landau University several years ago.
This result was duplicated in 2009 by Sainuddeen Pattazhy, a researcher and dean in the department of zoology at SN College, Punalur, Kerala. His experiments showed that microwaves from mobile phones appear to interfere with worker bees' navigation skills. When cell phones were placed near beehives, the hives collapsed completely in five to 10 days. The worker bees simply failed to return home...
Adding to the mystery, parasites, wildlife and other bees, which would normally raid the abandoned hives, would not go near the collapsed colonies. Pattazhy said in The Pioneer:
"The navigation skill of the worker bees is dependent on the earth's magnetic properties. The electro-magnetic waves emitted by the mobile phones and relay towers interfere with the earth's magnetism, resulting in loss of the navigation capacity of the bee. Then it fails to come back.  So, the radiation causes damage to the nervous system of the bee and it becomes unable to fly."
More recently, a study published earlier this summer found that the presence of microwaves from cell phones have a dramatic effect on bees, causing them to become quite disturbed. So, cell phones and related wireless technologies appear to be another likely threat to bees around the globe, and there may be a cumulative effect going on that is making it more and more difficult for bees to survive, let alone thrive.

Beware of Contaminated Honey...

The U.S. consumes about 400 million pounds of honey a year, according to Food Safety News, which recently reported that dangerous, adulterated honey is reaching the US market in massive quantities. According to their investigation, about a third or more of all this honey is illegally smuggled into the US from China.
"Honey laundering" may sound odd, but it's actually quite serious as much of this honey is tainted with illegal antibiotics, including chloramphenicol, and heavy metals like lead.
The US FDA banned chloramphenicol after it was discovered that children given this antibiotic become susceptible to DNA damage and carcinogenicity. China uses it to combat a bacterial epidemic of foulbrood disease, which has been decimating bee colonies. According to public health experts, presence of chloramphenicol in honey can cause aplastic anemia—a severe and potentially fatal reaction—in certain people. The lead contamination is caused by the unlined, lead-soldered drums used by many small-scale beekeepers in China to collect and store the honey.
As of last summer, 27 European countries banned all shipments of Asian honey for these reasons. Unfortunately, even if you decide to avoid this problem by buying locally-produced honey (which would be ideal), you are likely getting it anyway unless your diet consists primarily of whole foods, because 65 percent of all honey consumed is used by food manufacturers for the use in all sorts of processed foods…