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  Origin of honey bees in Canada was due to the influence of the Moravian missionaries which had an important effect on the neighboring communities. Noteworthy to know they were the means of introducing the first hive of honey bees into Canada, about 1792 in Kent County. From the “Trail of the Black Walnut”.
Now today 2013
Story at-a-glance
·         A new 30-year study from the University of Bristol in England has revealed that bees and flowers share a symbiotic relationship based on the electric currents each emits. This affects not only the pollination and proliferation of the plants, but also the nourishment of the bees and the hives.
·         Bees not only can sense the negative charge coming from flowers using color, shape, pattern and humidity, but are able to change the electrical charge to tell which ones contain nectar and if another bee has beat them to it.
·         Bees worldwide are threatened by a number of ecological and environmental factors, such as pesticides, fungi, GMOs and cell phone networks.
·         The world’s food supply is threatened because bees and the way they pollinate and carry food to their hives is threatened.  
By Dr. Mercola
Plants and bees have a symbiotic relationship. Flowering plants depend on an outside source to ‘spread the love’ through pollination, and bees are happy to fill that need, receiving nectar (which they convert into honey) for the service they provide. But how do bees manage to be so efficient in their quest for nectar? And is it true this delicately balanced relationship is under threat?Scientists at Britain’s University of Bristol have spent 30 years trying to figure out exactly how bees know which flowers will give them the most bang for their buck, so to speak. The recent discovery is that bees and flowers participate in a mutually beneficial electromagnetism1 that results not only in the pollination and proliferation of the plants, but the nourishment of the bees and the hives they call home. Research reveals that bees rely on an array of visual and sensory clues such as humidity level, shape, pattern and color to discern whether flowers have something to offer. In fact, it is known that bees have three times the color recognition ability2 of humans, but the electrical aspect, and the fact that it can last up to a few hours is new information. Electrical Allure: Bees Can Tell Which Flowers Spark the Most InterestScientists have been aware for years that plants emit a weak, negatively charged electrical field. They also knew that in flight, the wings of bees can generate up to 200 volts of positive electrical charge, which helps pollen adhere to the fine hairs on the bees’ legs. What they didn’t know until now was that bees can sense “come hither” electrical vibes that flowering plants exude, similar to the way sharks also sense electrical fields. Bumblebees, too, participate in this electrically charged phenomenon.3Bees can sense the weak electrical charge emitted by flowers in order to determine if they have nectar, the new study4 revealed. Even better, scientists say bees are capable of altering the electrical charge of the blossoms they come into contact with to help them choose which ones contain the most nectar and pollen. Bees also can tell which blooms have already been divested of their sweet ambrosia by their pollinating competitors. This serves to improve their resourcefulness as they reconnoiter their nectar prospects. As they approach for a landing, the bee transfers some of its charge to the plant stem and keeping it positive for as long as two minutes. According to lead researcher Dominic Clarke:"Animals are just constantly surprising us as to how good their senses are. More and more we're starting to see that nature's senses are almost as good as they could possibly be."As Old as Time, the 'Animal Magnetism' Between Bees and Flowers is Threatened with Ecological DisasterUnfortunately, the delicate balance nature has provided since time immemorial is collapsing, exposing a threat to the bee population that is becoming increasingly catastrophic. The delicate ecological and environmental balance is being threatened by a number of man-made factors that affect more than where flowers bloom and how much honey is produced.The world as a whole has come under some alarming statistics over the last decade. Environmental scientists are concerned that a phenomenon CCD – Colony Collapse Disorder – reflects a far more serious problem than suboptimal pollination, and may be an ominous indicator that the shifts in the ecosystem may lead to a collapse in how we propagate our crops. Bees have busily carried out that task for us for millennia, but unless something changes, farmers may find themselves pollinating their crops by hand.More Than Honey – Bees Deliver Amazing Therapeutic PropertiesTo a very large degree, bees have been taken for granted. Not only do they supply us with honey, which is possibly the most healthful natural sweetener in the world, and is also used to manufacture wax for cosmetics, food and medicine. But the age-old harmony between plants and animals may hinge on the behavior of bees and whether they’re able to do what they’ve always done.Propolis, the substance honeybees use to patch holes in their hives is an ancient healing remedy for soothing a sore throat and topical burns and relieving allergies. It has antioxidant and anti-microbial activity. It’s also an analgesic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory. Bees actually use propolis as a disinfectant themselves and even "embalm" invaders too large to pull out of the hive presumably so that they will not decompose and spread infection. An experiment by scientists in India found that the decimated bee population in Kerala was caused by electromagnetic waves emitted immediately after the installation of mobile phone towers and cell phones throughout the state. The electromagnetic waves essentially crippled the "navigational skills" of worker bees, according to lead researcher Dr. Sainuddin Pattazhy. The worker bees simply didn’t return to their hive when a cell phone was placed near it, leaving the queens alone with the eggs. This was a simple experiment, but with devastating results, as the entire colony collapsed within ten days.5 Adding to the mystery, parasites, wildlife and other bees, which would normally raid the abandoned hives, would not go near the collapsed colonies.Radiation has also been found to cause damage to the nervous system of the bee, impeding its ability to fly. Cell phones may create a resonance effect that interferes with the movement patterns bees use as a kind of language. That’s a serious problem since, in the US alone, bees contribute $15 billion in annual agriculture revenue and a third of the county’s food supply depends on bees to pollinate crops.Pesticides are Killing More Than Bees – They’re Killing HumansThat’s just one example of how the ecological balance can be interrupted. Why is this happening? Several factors have been identified, including:·     Pesticides and insecticides·     Genetically modified crops·     Malnutrition of the bee population·     Viruses and fungi·     High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) used to feed bees in managed hivesOne poignant example of the pesticide problem comes with a lawsuit filed by The German Coalition against Bayer Dangers against Werner Wenning, chairman of the Bayer Board of Management, after losing thousands of hives due to poisoning by the pesticide clothianidin. Bayer was accused of marketing dangerous pesticides that allegedly caused the mass death of bees all over the world. In fact, apple orchards require at least one bee colony for every acre to be adequately pollinated. So, unless this devastating trend is reversed, the world could be in for some major food shortages.Even more alarming may be the rate at which wild bees are dropping from sight, particularly regarding crop yields, according to a worldwide study.6 Coffee, onions, almonds, tomatoes and strawberries were among 40 fruits and vegetables in 600 fields examined by scientists to determine which would win the pollination race. The report returned that wild bees were twice as effective as honey bees in this endeavor.7Scientists studied the pollination of more than 40 crops in 600 fields across every populated continent and found wild pollinators were twice as effective as honey bees in producing seeds and fruit on crops including oilseed rape, coffee, onions, almonds, tomatoes and strawberries. Furthermore, trucking in managed honey bee hives did not replace wild pollination when that was lost, but only added to the pollination that took place.8One of every three bites of food you eat depends on the honey bee. They pollinate at least 130 different crops in the US alone, including fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. That bees can actually sense and respond to electrical fields emitted by flowering plants is remarkable, says bee biologist and author Mark Winston from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. He adds:[B]ees perceive the world around them, and it adds another wonderful story that continues to deepen our understanding the co-evolved relationship between bees and flowers.” Only a change in the status quo will cause a turnaround of this tragic situation that threatens not only bees all over the world, but the world’s entire, increasingly unsustainable food system.
Every day a new article comes about, RE new discovery why pesticides are killing bees and humans is it really a revelation look back to the 1950’s when Rachael Carson was preaching the problems from the chemical industry down in the United States, hum, and still it is an accepted practice to “spray spray and spray again” as seen written in advertisements in farm magazines. Money is human society’s  back bone, is it so necessary to accept this system that is self-serving the corporate business & government only, and all the new human ill effects that are being caused through the use of the corporate chemical companies. The world needs a change, not only will our mother earth change! (no ice and snow in the future) thanks to our ability to rape the earth of its natural resources without acceptable replenishing. I don’t need to continue we all know what goes on in government. Just another 2 cents from meJ
  By 2020 we may never see ice and snow again in the northern hemisphere, this makes sense why the government is building war ships to patrol the new waters around the north haha who are they kidding it’ll be to keep out environmental refugees from around the globe.
Here's a thought! could the micro waves we are all pulsing out into our atmosphere also be contributing to globle warming? think about it we use micro waves to warm foods..... 
o.k. The World Health Organization has just declaired WIFI and cell phones fequencies is now classified as a class 2b carcinogen which puts wifi, cordless home phones, baby monitors and more is in the same carcinogen category as cigarettes lead mercury etc. Why do we not see this information in our media? Micro radiation emitted from these house hold products changes your free floating blood cells into blood cells stacked - stick themselves together, which does not allow your body to remove waste from your body effectively, These fequencies effect many species of life at the cell level you cannot see, smell, feel, here or taste the harm these microwave frequencies are doing to you and life on this planet.
One thing you can do to protect your bees whilst they develop in there hive is to paint the hive with carbon paint which will need to be finished with a latex covering to protect from scratching. Also alter the floor so RF cannot enter the hive from above and horizonally, so you need to make a floor that the bees will enter the hive from under the floor.
You can get carbon paint from a number of places, I have got some from: www.safelivingtechnologies.ca 
For more information on WIFI check out www.magdahavas.com  
This interview was taped two years ago on Vancouver Island and has recently been placed on you tube. In this interview we discuss cell phones; mobile phones, WiFi in schools, cell phones antennas and FM radio antennas; CFL bulbs; dirty electricity; and electrohypersensitivity.

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News 

25 June 2011

Smart meter killed our bees
Three hives gone within 3 days of installation of smart meters
FYI--direct from the ranch

We had three bee hives that were healthy and had no other reason to leave--when bees are uncomfortable, threatened, or lack food sources, they leave. Now, a colony will leave individually, yet these hives, all on completely different areas of the property left with in three days of the installation of a PGE smart meter. We also called PGE and asked them not to install, and they did when we were off the property.  

I have read reports on the smart meters and was not enrolled that they were/are safe and now have evidence that they effected our personal livelihood and lost three hives which equates to $250/hive loss, pollination loss to fruit tress (bees pollinate 80% of all fruits and vegetables) $5k+/-, and honey as a source of medicine and food $4k.

The math does not equate, the loss of pollination does not equate, and the rapid push of PGE to do this just because they may be at a financial loss--does not equate when it DOES in FACT harmfully effect our community, livelihoods, and food stuffs.

I have experienced this personally and documented it.

Thank you for listening and doing the right thing.

Susan Morin
Red Wolf Ranch
No Time To Waste
Since we received smart meters, my dog (yellow lab) died of heart failure and two neighbors' dogs - one developed a virulent cancer at 9 years old and died within 3 months of getting it, got sick about 8 months after the meters were installed. That meter is on their bedroom, as is mine. I surely am in terrible health since the meter went in, and so has my adult son been, till we figured that out and keep him away from it.
SB ( California )
In a message dated 6/23/2011 9:56:22 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxx writes:
News from a friend in New York where Smart Meters have been deployed for two-three years: "In the last 2-3 years, so many people are sick, and people have died. There have been several in their late 40's and 50's who have died of massive heart attacks in the last 2-3 years, and people whose cancer has reoccurred. I live in a small village, and this is a lot of people who are ill and have died. I am very suspicious why this is happening."


Times Record
By Seth Koenig, Times Record Staff BATH — After meeting about Smart Meters behind closed doors Wednesday night, the Bath City Council did not rescind its ordinance restricting implementation of the wireless electrical meters in the city. ...


In July of this year, BC Hydro and Fortis will embark upon a $1 billion plus venture to replace every analog hydro meter in the province with a wireless smart electrical meter. For consumers of electricity, who face up to a 50 per cent increase in...

The Bay of Plenty Times
Mr Friar feared the tower could result in "significant health issues" if fears that they contributed to cancer and other health problems were true. Mr Friar said he would have expected cellphone towers to be erected in areas with minimum potential for ...

Restore the Analog Meters!

Please take a minute to send this new online email letter to the California Public Utilities Commission. Its a simple, easy and quick way to send a unified message - restore the analog meters. 


Please circulate and encourage others to send it! 


Mobile Phone Cancer Danger
Video from Australia.
Technocracy Endgame: Global Smart Grid
Planners are working on standards that will intergrate all of North America in a single unified Smart Grid system."
We know that Electromagnetism breaks the blood brain barrier.
Electrosensative people were found to have more mast cells in their skin when exposed to a TV on their backs.
This was seen in skin samples, taken from their backs after exposure by Professor Olle Johansson.
See mystery in the skin, by him.  
Does life online give you 'popcorn brain'?
Our results suggested that long-term internet addiction would result in brain structural alterations, which probably contributed to chronic dysfunction in subjects with IAD. The current study may shed further light on the potential brain effects of IAD.

Mast Sanity
Microwave Radiation Flyer
EMF Information

We have a new petition against "smart' meters.  If you don't already know about them, you will soon, no matter where you are on earth.  They are like mini cell towers, only attached right on your home and can be involuntary in many places around the world.  This lethal roll out in the face of the recent IARC class 2 b classification of electromagnetic fields as a possible human carcinogen is a disgrace, shameful and UNACCEPTABLE.  You can sign this petition no matter what state or country you are in.  If you live in another country, I will 'can' your signatures after a month or so.  Just ask me to do so.

We also have a "tell a friend follow up where you can send the petition to others on your list and a donate link as this petition costs us money since it is specifically targeted by zip code and delivered in real time to our reps, the white house, etc.  So please pass it on and please donate what you can to help us pay for this petition. 

This week I had the privilege of being interviewed again on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley.  This time it was myself and Prof. Olle Johansson from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden who is currently being discriminated against because of his non industry stance on cell non ionizing radiation and heath effects.
I have also posted the interviews from last month as it gives some background on things and this month I was focused primarily on actions that the public can take to protect themselves from smart meters, but last months interview may give a little more info on smart meters themselves.  Olle Johansson is brilliant and I want to thank our fantastic host Joyce Riley for giving this issue a platform from which the non industry POV on this issue can be heard.
May 25th, 2011 Sophia Smallstorm and myself (towards middle of first link and for full hour on 2nd link) 

June 22nd interview, myself and Prof. Olle Johansson
Hour 2http://archives2011.gcnlive.com/Archives2011/jun11/PowerHour/0622112.mp3
Hour 3http://archives2011.gcnlive.com/Archives2011/jun11/PowerHour/0622113.mp3

And finally, documentary filmmaker and journalist Julius Morten has made multiple videos on Dr. Olle Johansson and Monica Nilsson, another investigative journalist on this issue.  I have not watched them all but what I have seen is well worth your time.

35 interview videos with Olle Johansson from May 2008 to October 2010 - 

The Playlist is here:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL434FAFD70A66A05F

Download the document "Wake upcall for Scandinavia and the whole world":  http://www.bevolution.dk/pdf/Wake%20up%20call%20for%20Scandinavia.pdf

Videos with journalist Mona Nilsson in 2008 and 2010 too:
I know there's a lot of content in this email.  But the issue is rail road-ing right over us all if we do not do something about it, so the more material you have to educate yourself, the better off we all are.
Thank you for your time and attention,  Liz

Article in Health Intelligence.

The ad next to it was our foundation’s first one. The next one will follow shortly.





Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant: Fuel Storage and Flood Alert

Where is the news coverage?



National Broadband Plan

This document (376 pp) is quite remarkable as a marketing tool.  I have glanced at it and plan to read it more carefully but I thought I would bring it to your attention.

There is a section on e-health, e-education, and much, much more! However, there is no mention that electromagnetic radiation may be harmful to human health or that it might affect wildlife.


To sign up for WEEP News: newssignup@weepinitiative.org  (provide name and e-mail address)

W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution