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Nuc’s will be ready, from May 24 2014. Pickup after 7.30pm and before dusk, weather permitting (not in stormy rain etc). each nuc of bees will be sold for $240 plus $50 for the 5 frames shipping box, this will be refundable on return of the shipping box. If you wish to bring your own bee box for transportation this will be prefered, Cash or Cheque.

These queens are naturally raised local queens in five frame nuc boxes. Each nuc contains a minimum one frame of food, one new frame to work on and three frames with broad, one inspected and proven queen for quality laying patterns and pheromone secretions the queens are 10 months old and in prime condition for summer production.

I also expect everyone buying my nucs to inspect before purchase, so I’ll go through these nuc’s with you and show you what you are buying. (I have lots of spare veil’s and jackets).

And for these reasons below and more is why I only sell local naturally raised queens in nucs.

FYI There are more than ten thousand queens imported here in Ontario every year from a wide number of countries. So why are the bees declining? With so many queens being breed and bought into Canada you’d think we’d have more bees than ever! Its not only pests, viruses, bacteria, peditors like bears and man, fungicides pesticides herbicides used in agriculture don’t help bees either hum.. which have been around for decades, and then a most modern problem micro wave devices which you should note have been classified by the World Health Organization in Switzerland as carcinogenic hope you are thinking! It’s not all that bad you just need to begin to understand more than what information is offered out to you. If you buy a nuc early in the season and cheap you should ask yourself did the queen come from overseas or the united states. Queens raised on mass and then shipped in my and my friends experience don’t do as well as local naturally raised queens, they often will be superseded before the bees have built a strong colony, which you not only loose honey production but also you loose in numbers of bees in your beehive.

It is cheap on time to throw a few frames of bees in a box introduce a cheap queen from abroad and resell for profit. This is not good beekeeping practice. The best practice is to learn how to raise queens yourself preferable in June when conditions are optimal with good nector flow and warm days and nights. Remember last year 2011 we had snow on May 3rd. A good nuc should produce at least 40lb and often 80 or more lb of honey for harvest which has a market value of $3 per pound minimum. You should be able to see why my bees are very valuable to me, also with many other additional products you can add to your list Pollen is a no brainer so easy to harvest and is good for you, with a street value of $20/lb I harvest 10 to 15lb /beehive each season. Learn to look after bees and do it right, raise your own and manage as organically as you can.

RSVP day and time for pickup. Ian Critchell 705-778-2511 or e-mail: iancritchell@live.com