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Beekeeping Internship Program Outline

We are a business that does not put dollars before bees, we believe in building a sustainable envoirnment with organic beekeeping practices. We aim to produce quality bees and quality products from the beehive for sale with the help of two interns.

About the beekeeping. We managed over 300 beehives and many other insects when called upon, we take responsible methods of husbandry with bees and all insects alike.  

Beekeeping Internship Program
The Beekeeping Intern is paid a stipend of $75 per week after one month there maybe an increase. We will provide accomodation and basic food. The Internship will provide hands-on-experience in beekeeping husbandry, whom will be expected to work side by side with the beekeeper some days being 10 hours with around 50 hours work per week. Hours maybe spread over 5.5 days each week. Weekend work is essential with negociated days off during the week. Interns will engage in our queen rearing program which will average 24 new queens every two weeks. Collect - harvest, freeze package fresh pollens every 2nd day. Students will engage in inspecting beehive health, food and product preparation, feeding and maintenance. Farm Market sells. Growing food in the half acre garden.

Responsibilities (applicant responsiblities may include, but are not limited to):
Help with raising quality queens.
Communicating, promoting and selling products to customers.
Harvesting and freezing Royal Jelly.
Harvesting Propolis for medicinal products.
Food preparation and routine inspection of new nucleus of bees.
Cleaning and maintence of equipment and apiaries.
Inspect and record habitat and health temperature humidity parameters.
Assessing health and assit in researching information. 
All tasks involved with growing food.
Rountine maintenence and feeding of Chickens, Rabbits, Fish. 
Helping with gereral maintenence of buildings.
At successful completion of the internship, students will receive:
Performance review and Completion Certificate from The Beekeeper.
Formal letter of reference apon request.


Successful candidates will be:

Interested in a broad varity of insects and envoirnmental awareness.

Enrolled in or completed a college or University in zoology animal, envoirnment related, biology or other related fields.

Interested in a career related to animal husbandry.

Extreemly self motivated with a desire to educate.

Able to submit a resume with reference letter and a letter outlining why you are interested in the program, your availablity education back ground and where you herd about the program.

Able to secure any funds needed for relocation and other necessary living expenses for the entire placement.

Lift 20kg, be in good physical shape with no alergies, able to work in all weather conditions.

Work schedule may include weekends and evenings.

Research project: Interns are also responsible for researching and presenting a topic of their relevent interest. Interns will present a short oral presentation to volunteers, staff and friends at the end of their internship. Topics may include: Nutrition - Husbandry techniqes - diseases - anatomy - habitat - construction and maintenence.

Placement dates from March to October, depending on your school requirments we are flexible with dates for your school.

Good luck and thankyou to all our applicants. Send resume letters of intent and references either by e-mail to: iancritchell@live.com or snailmail: To Ian Critchell 501 Athol St Whitby, ON L1N 3Z7 or Ian Critchell 175 Ballyduff Rd Pontypool ON L0A 1K0