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100g Honeycomb, 1kg liquid honey, 500g Liquid honey, 12oz Honey Bears, 2oz HEX Liquid honey.


1kg Creamed honey, 500g Creamed honey, 500g Creamed honey - Cinnamon - Orange and Ginger flavors.


Honey butters Cinnamon, - Orange and Plain and ginger.   


Honey Stix’s: Wildflower, Cinnamon and Orange.

9.5” Candles dipped, 9.5” Candles Tapered, 1lb Raw wax.


375ml dried pollen, - 375ml fresh frozen, - 750ml dried pollen, - 750ml fresh frozen, - 375ml tea blossom(ground).


30ml (1oz) Propolis tinture, - 50ml, - 100ml. Raw Propolis.


1 oz Royal Jelly sold fresh June to August. Must arrange pick-up before harvesting. Royal Jelly will be kept at 4 to 5 degrees.