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Wounded horse honey remedy page 1

Wounded horse honey remedy page 2

One of the oldest medicines

Bee sting treatment

Bee Venom

Bee Propolis for Thrush, Fungus, or Leukoplakia?

an ancient remedy may fight AIDS

more coming soon...

Raw Honey also known as unpasterized honey, is typically used on wounds also more commonly used internally,

Honey activity, also known as the non hydrogen peroxide activity, has been compared to having the same strength of carbolic acid (phenol). For example a honey with an activity that ranges from 5 to 25 has an equivalent anti-bacterial strength of a 5% to 25% solution of carbolic acid. The higher the number, the more powerful its anti-bacterial activity.

Raw Honey, is similar to wine, it’s activity value increases with age. So a honey can be retested in six months showing its activity level has increased. Honey has no expiry date so has a long shelf life!

Raw Honey contains high antioxidant levels, plus it can help stimulate the immune system and deals with infection.

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