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My aim is to enjoy beekeeping with the Carniolan and the Italian honey bees. The Carniolans do well on farms with many visitors. The Italians like regional woods and the wetlands lands of Ontario.
Respect and treat the beehive as if it were your our own home and they'll treat you with equal respect.

Below, I am with my bees. I presently manage approximatley 300 beehives from the City of Pickering to Hastings County. Over the next few years I'd like to increase my bee population to a minimum of 1000 beehives. Bees play a major role in the food chain not only do they provide many varieties of food for humans, they also play a role in the foodchain for many varieties of wild animals and birds: bees pollinate many trees, bushes, and wild flowers that produce other fruits and nuts that we don't eat but birds, bears, mice, rabbits, horses, foxes, and many more animals depend on. Keeping bees alive in our society enhances everything around us. Support locally produced products.

Click here to see a list of some foods that we need bees to pollinate.


Above to the left is Her Majesty, The Queen. To the right, where my finger if pointing, is a drone (a male bee). Surrounding both the Queen and the drone are the worker bees (all female).


The first of the above three pictures shows the frames that sit inside a box. The second photo is an example of healthy larvae and bees.  The third photo is healthy frame of capped brood (young bees about to hatch).

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My finger is pointing at the drone same as the picture above. This is an excellent frame of bees from wall to wall with healthy capped brood cells.