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Bees are kept all around the world in built up populated areas, over 90% of beekeepers are simple hobby back garden beekeepers. These beekeepers all ways have to managed the bees more dilegently as each town has it's own by-laws regarding keeping of bees in residential areas.

If you are visiting New York City drop in and pick up some honey from; New York greenmarkets, Union Square, World Trade Center and 77 Columbus. www.bee-man.com/



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A past Mayor of Toronto 1967 - 72 Willium Dennison used to keep bees around the Gerrard and Church St area, he used to say: He thought the bees could tell the difference between a hat decorated with follows and the real fowers, (we know now bees are attracked to color and smells). We don't advertise local beekeepers today because the legalities change from town to town. Most importantly your neighbours should be accepting of the honey bees.